Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Monkey Manifesto

A Proclamation For The Common Denomination of Humanity

We should strive to eliminate from our lives the habits and social conditioning that smother life in us, and cause us to drain or extinguish life in others.

Our expressed religion should be that which affirms the goodness in everything and everyone.

There should be no condemnation for anything that affirms, or is, part of the one life that is all of us.

The only things we are justified in hating are those things that block the fullness of life in each of us – and that sense of hatred should not engender violence, but rather foster a strong desire to find a way to transform those things, feelings, or beliefs; in our own emotional and physical environment first, then in others.

We must never have higher moral expectations of others for achieving levels that we ourselves are honestly unable to reach or maintain.

Our lives should be about adding weight to the solution and not to the drag of the problem.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Expanding the Finite

A foundational principle of "The Science of Mind" is that we are able to receive from the infinite goodness and  supply of the Universe only to a level that is in proportion to our capacity to accept it.

Ernest Holmes teaches that the Universe is not a duality. There is not a Physical Universe, and a separate Spiritual Universe. He writes:

"The Spiritual Universe should no longer be divided against Itself." p. 286

In reality, he teaches, the Spiritual realm of thought held in consciousness can manifest as matter - as real substance, and as an intentional thought-create a cause that will manifest a physical effect.   

"Thoughts are Things."

With this understanding it is seen that the Master's prayer to "give us this day our daily bread" is not a limiting of the size of the loaf that we can have - but rather a demonstration of the principle that we must determine our own capacity and develop an intention of expansion.

Holmes writes: 

"..we can expand the finite but we cannot contract the Infinite." p. 287

This principle can be seen clearly in nature by how water finds its own level. In the same way, if we expand our capacity to receive by opening up the channels of our consciousness - both the receiving and the giving ends - we will grow in both capacities. An important aspect of this same principle is that the inflow and outflow must be balanced. We cannot expect to receive more if we are not prepared to give more.

The Infinite life of the Spirit is available to us - it is not withheld as punishment - or expanded as some sort of future reward. It is here now - we need only open ourselves up to that which already is available.

The ultimate confirmation that your consciousness is growing in application of this expansion principle is when you experience the truth of this scripture:

 "I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive."
- Acts 20:35 (KJV) 

 By thinking affluently - we can become prosperous.

Gratefully receive - Generously give.

The Beatles expressed this well:

"...The love you take is equal to the love you make.." - "The End," Abbey Road

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Consciousness of Wholeness

Today's reading from "The Science of Mind" is an example of an affirmative prayer for transformation of consciousness - often referred to as a "Treatment" in New Thought terminology. 

"I know there is a Spirit in me which unfolds Itself to me; and I know that this Spirit—or Infinite Wisdom and Divine Love and Perfect Law—enlightens my consciousness and awakens within me, within the personal, the knowledge of Its meaning, the realization of Its Presence, and the power of Its Law. I am conscious that this Universal IT is an ever-present Being to me and to every man, because where the Universe personifies, It becomes personal. Therefore, there is within me an immediate Presence, the Infinite of the finite self, all-knowing, all-wise, and forever perfect. It is this Real Me that I seek to vision in my thought, that I seek to embody in my consciousness. It is that ME that cannot be sick, knows no lack, has no limitation, never suffered want, and cannot experience fear." - p. 554

Ernest Holmes teaches that true prayer is an affirming process; an acknowledgement of that which is real in God's mind; the ONE MIND of the universe.

Our level of consciousness is out of alignment with reality. Holmes discovered the timeless truth that reveals that our  sense of "sinfulness," our sense of "falling short" of perfection, is due to the holding of false belief in being separate and disconnected from God.  

We are conditioned by our ignorant perception of reality. 

We falsely believe that God's personal presence is unobtainable; that our consciousness is limited by our apparent separateness.

By affirming the actual truth - that Spirit is within us in totality and that we are the "individualization" of infinite Divine Spirit - the "personification of the Universe," we can open up our minds to the very consciousness of God. In reality, there is only ONE MIND - ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, we have divided it by our lack of understanding. 

The Bible tells us:

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
- Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV) 

We cannot trust our own understanding of reality but we can trust and lean into the understanding of God in every situation or circumstance.

God is the Source of ALL good and has given us a "sound mind" that we might employ it to lean into the reality of God's ways; to simply allow God's vision to be our own. 

The simple truth is this:

1. God Loves Me (You, Us)
2. God is Guiding Me (You, Us)
3. God is Showing Me (You, Us) the way.

- Source - Affirmation by Rev. Gaylon McDowell, 
Bodhi Spiritual Center, June 19th, 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016

Free From Sensitiveness

Today's reading from "The Science of Mind" is an affirming meditation that serves to work on the elimination of fear and sense of unworthiness that we might hold as reality, and replace it with joy and love.

From time to time we are at odds with the true nature of our mind. We stumble into the trap of believing that we are limited to our own estimations of our abilities - we confuse the flaws in our character with the nature of our soul - which is in perfect harmony with the boundless being of God and Divine Spirit.



My feelings cannot be hurt.

No one wishes to harm me, and there is nothing in me that can believe in any separation from the All Good.

I perceive that I am free from all people, and I cannot be harmed nor mistreated.

I have such a sense of unity with all that the circle is complete and perfect.

I love my friends and they love me, and that love is in, and of, God, and cannot be marred nor hindered.

I am filled with joy and love, forever.

I am filled with joy and love, forever.

I am filled with joy and love, forever.


To be filled is to have no room for anything else - no room for doubts, fears, hesitations, disappointments, and dis-ease of any kind.

I am not my feelings - but my feelings can be used by the indwelling Spirit to create change.

I am not my sickness - but my sickness can teach me about healing that I may give it to others.

I am not alone - but my solitude can be a boost to my prayer life.

Joy and love forever. The true nature of the divine in boundless joy and love. God is not the giver of joy and love - GOD IS LOVE. I only need to be open in heart and mind to perceive and receive it. All appearances in the physical world that are not in harmony with joy and love are false. They have no power unless I accept them as real; my belief in disharmony is the fuel of suffering. By re-focusing my beliefs and intentions in the direction of good I am able to change the very world. 

And so it is......

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Not on Bread Alone

In the foreword to "The Science of Mind," - Dr. Jean Houston, Ph.D says:

Dr. Jean Houston, Ph.D

"If I were to state the essence of the teaching of The Science of Mind, it would be that the "Highest God and the innermost God is One God." The core of each human being is the "Original Creative Genius of the Universe."
We are, therefore, the lensing of Godstuff on Earth, the focalization of Eternity in time. Consciously or unconsciously we direct the flow of Universal Mind into form." 

The reading from "The Science of Mind" for July 3rd covers several teachings of Jesus from the Gospel of John.

"Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise."
- John 5:19

Commenting on this verse Ernest Holmes writes:

"Here is a lesson in the practical application of the Science of Mind. As the subjective state of thought becomes unified with goodness and love, it automatically reflects these in whatsoever direction the thought goes. The tendency of this inner thought sets the tendency of the outward life." - p. 475

This observation brings to mind the passage in Proverbs 4:23:
"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life"
 In Biblical language the "Heart" is the seat of emotional thought or intelligence. So what this verse is suggesting is that we keep watch over our thoughts and feelings, for out of them we manifest our reality.

The second teaching is based on John 5:26
"For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself;"
Once again, the emphasis of "The Science of Mind" teachings are on the solid belief in One Life, Mind or Spirit. We partake of the divine nature of God and therefore share in this One Life, Mind or Spirit. When we speak and act in conformance of this consciousness then we express life, power and action and create reality for ourselves and others.

Holmes writes:

"Just words, without conviction, have no power, and just conviction, without words, will never stir up latent energy. There must be a combination of the two to make a complete thing." - p. 476

The next teaching is based on John 6:27
"Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed. "
The "meat" that Jesus refers to is of the spiritual kind - for spirituality in Jesus' view is the food, or "bread of life." 

Holmes writes:

"More people are starved spiritually and intellectually than physically. A full stomach will never appease an appetite for learning, nor can a loaf of bread satisfy the inner craving for reality. The whole being needs to be fed - bread and meat for the body, knowledge and wisdom for the soul, atmosphere and consciousness for the Spirit." p.476

Our lives are to be lived in complete integration of body, mind, and spirit. We "cannot live on bread alone," but through the interaction of thought and action; of inspiration to actualization we become whole - HOLY beings. With the transformation of our thoughts we can animate the life of God within us. Our purpose can be realized.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Substance of Faith

I have begun a systematic reading of Ernest Holmes' classic book "The Science of Mind."

Rev. Edward Viljoen
In the front of the new editions of the book is a one year guide compiled by a long time student of the material; Rev. Edward Viljoen, R. Sc. F., - the Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa, California.

Dr. Kenn Gordon
The principle behind the one year guide is that it provides a disciplined and focused path through the material. Indeed, in the introduction of the same edition, Dr. Kenn Gordon, Spiritual Leader at the Centers for Spiritual Living, recommends that the book be "digested, not devoured."

I began the guide on July 1st - being new to Religious Science and having only just discovered this wonderful philosophy, I want to start fresh and follow a guided path for transforming my mind, and entire being through these powerful teachings.

For July 1st & 2nd the topic is FAITH and PRAYER.

The definitive biblical view of faith is expressed in Hebrews 11:1. Where faith is identified as the manifested substance of hope. It is a very difficult concept to grasp.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
- Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)

Ernest Holmes gives the important clarification that faith does not confuse our approach to reality. He says that faith is the power of prayer. Prayer, he says, should be practiced with calmness but filled with feeling and emotion. He asserts that it is the feeling and emotion that ultimately CREATES reality.

Holmes has a wonderful expanded definition of faith:

"When you analyze faith you find that it is a mental attitude against which there is no longer any contradiction in mind that entertains it." - p. 283

Holmes puts practical action into the principle that Jesus taught:

"Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."
- Mark 11:24 (KJV)
Faith works when we hold a convicted mental attitude that believes that any contradiction to it is unacceptable.

"Faith is mental assertion elevated to the plane of realization." - p.283

The foundation of faith is that we acknowledge that there is only ONE MIND - the Mind of God. This oneness of mind enables humanity to express the thoughts and powers of God within our individualized selves.  This is a mind-blowing truth that explains so much; for example, the gift of ESP, the telepathic communication that has been observed in certain people and animals, and other psychic phenomena that is otherwise unexplainable in natural terms. 

Holmes teaches that the manifest universe that we see, touch and experience is the outward manifestation of the thought of Spirit. The power of creative thought is the cause of the creative world. And we, as individualized expressions of that Spirit, have that same power available to us.

The action of faith in prayer exercises an already present reality that we come to understand and appropriate for ourselves, or others if they too accept its reality.

In reality then we don't have to ask God for anything but for the realization of all that we already have through God's immutable law of complete good.

So, when I pray these days I do not pray in the mode of weakness - but rather as the child of a loving, infinitely compassionate Father who gives everything to his child without condition. Affirmative prayer is the mode of a true receiver with gratitude.

With faith in God's infinite goodness and trusting in the power of Spirit I receive gratefully and in return give graciously and generously.


This is the law of substance and supply.

AND SO IT IS.......................

Monday, July 4, 2016

Free Your Mind

Worn paths mislead a wayfarer 

Blot out, O Lord, all my memories--except one. For memories make me old and feeble. 
Memories ruin the present day. They weigh down the present day with the past and weaken my hope in the future, for in legions they whisper in my ear: "There will only be what has already been."

But I do not wish for there to be only what has been. I do not wish and You do not wish, O Lord, for the future to be the past repeated. Let things happen that have never appeared before. The sun would not be worth much, if it only watched repetitions.

Worn paths mislead a wayfarer. Earth has walked over the earth a long time. Earthly walkways have become boring, for they have been traveled again and again from generation to generation throughout all time. Blot out, O Lord, all my memories except one.

Just one memory do I ask You not to blot out, but to strengthen in me. Do not blot out but strengthen in my con­sciousness the memory of the glory that I had when I was en­tirely with You and entirely in You, before time and temporal illusions.

When I, too, was a harmonious trinity in holy unity, just as You are from eternity to eternity.

When the soul within me was also in friendship with consciousness and life.

When my soul also was a virginal womb, and my consciousness was wisdom in virginity, and my life was spiritual power and holiness.

When I, too, was all light, and when there was no darkness within me.

When I, too, was bliss and peace, and when there were no torments of imbalance within me.

When I also knew You, even as You know me, and when I was not mingled with darkness.

When I, too, had no boundaries, no neighbors, no partitions between "me" and "you."

Do not blot out this memory, my Father, but strengthen it. Even if it reveals to me the abyss along which I am journeying in humbleness and nothingness.

Even if it separates me from friends and pleasantries, and demolishes all the barriers between Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Even if it leads me outside of myself, and makes me seem mad in the eyes of my fellow wayfarers.

In truth, no companionship pleases me except Yours, and no memory pleases me except the memory of You.

O my Merciful Father, blot out all my memories except one alone.

- "Prayers By The Lake," XXX, St. Nikolai Velimirovich