Saturday, November 21, 2015

Non-Denominational Creed


May we not cling to the name of any religion 
while we practice hypocrisy. 

May we be protected from ignorance, prejudice and hate, 
our own as well as that of others. 

May we strive to replace intellectual beliefs 
with physically visible virtues. 

May we be willing to sacrifice our doctrines 
for the sake of compassionate action. 

May we not judge others before we have clear evidence 
that we are not guilty.  

May we be willing to sacrifice our self interests 
for the protection of the innocent. 

May we be willing to risk our security 
for the sake of preserving our common humanity. 

May we have the courage to abandon divisive religious 
and political ideals for the sake of the unity of humanity.
- Altar Ego, 2015 

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