Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Blessing for All

Jesus Feeding the Five Thousand
As we gather together we are grateful:

For family and loved ones, some here with us now, and some distant, or who have passed on.

We are grateful for new members of the family, and for new families.

We are grateful for food.

We are grateful for support and sustenance.

We are grateful for shelter.

We are grateful for our health and for healing that has made us appreciate health more.

We are grateful for life.

We are grateful for love and happiness, and,

We are grateful for what we eventually learn from our periods of pain and sadness.

Some of us are grateful to God – and some are grateful to life itself – which is really the same thing.

….We pause and think about those who do not share our good fortune and send out wishes of good intentions as seeds planted in our hearts that will help us to respond to opportunities to help others and to act compassionately when we can.

May we always look for ways to spread happiness and may everyone that shares space in our lives be well, happy and preserved from suffering and pain.

May we be participants and witnesses of their happiness and close companions in their sufferings.

This is all for love and for that we are grateful.


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