Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Measureless Meditation

The original root of the word "meditate" is to measure.

So what are we measuring when we practice meditation?

In many forms of meditation practice there is an underlying concept of a path to a future state, thus there is a subtle, but compulsive, measurement of the present state of consciousness against an imagined perfect state "somewhere" in the imagined future.

So the promised path to clarity through meditation then becomes yet another obstacle to immediate liberation from duality.

Liberation is only seen when the illusion that one does not already possess it disappears.

I propose that meditation that follows a formula or that focuses on attempts to control or discipline the mind can be just as destructive to calmness and clarity as the self-destructive activities that it seeks to help.

Meditation in its pure form is to be fully present in awareness of the moment. Not to bring the mind to stillness, but rather to discover through the non-judgmental acceptance of reality as it is, the stillness that is already present behind the streams of thoughts, fantasies and worries that flow unceasingly.

Meditation is to observe the mind like a pure blue sky beyond the passing clouds.

This open observation of reality, or thoughtless awareness, is impossible to attain through self-effort, because to even think about attaining a state different than what is already the case is to divide the self into a before and after that does not exist in reality. There can only be one self; and that is the manifestation of oneness appearing as an individual.

So how does one meditate?

Well, one doesn't - meditation is just allowed to happen without choice. There is simply the constant awareness of primal, unconstrained consciousness happening in each moment. There is no effort, no straining, no self-sublimation. There's just full acceptance of what is happening now.

To "practice meditation" is to seek a destination. To experience meditation is to see that the journey and destination are one, and all of life is a meditation on oneness.

Meditation is trusting and resting in the faith that the entire universe is on our side.

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