Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Random Sparks of Non-Duality (Part One)

From time to time thoughts arise that seem to point to the bare awareness of reality. Here are some of them.

  • Wholeness does not arise gradually.

  • Practice does not make perfect - it only manifests the perfection that was already present in absolute awareness.

  • No one ever becomes realized because no one exists in realization.

  • Nothing changes after realization because there was nothing before and after realization.

  • You appear to be seeking for what is already present.

  • The seeking is the separation - liberation is not at the end of the search, it is at the end of the searcher.

  • Anyone who says that they are liberated or realized is speaking falsely - all they can say is that realization is in the awareness of everything happening as it is.

  • No one can change their nature - they can only give up the idea that they have one.- The divine nature is not separate from human nature - how can it ever be separated, for it is life itself?

  • Our consciousness is more like a river than a lake - all flowing from and to the same source.

  • We don't say "I am a body" - we say "I have a body" - why?

  • We speak of our body as having a brain, legs, arms and hands. If we are not those things, or in any of those things, what are we? Where are we?

  • We say that we come into the world - but actually nothing comes out of the world and pretends to be something.

  • Some say that the world was created out of nothing - because before there was anything there was nothing, but nothing was created because nothing has not stopped existing, and if nothing exists then there cannot be anything.

  • We cannot move toward perfection for perfection is not a gradual attainment - perfection is only found in completeness.

  • At what moment does a thought become an action? Isn't action always a response to a thought in the past? But everything we do happens now when we do it - so the past has no reality other than in our thoughts.

  • We are not what we appear to be, but what appears is all there is.

  • In the public world of Advaita there's always room for one more, but, in the true sense of Advaita there's no room for another.

  • Non-duality doesn't require our belief. It only requires our death.

  • Realization is the dance between "me"-ing and "be"-ing.

  • To be realized is to be content with not knowing that you are.

  • The Self wants a solution that is only found when it stops wanting it.

  • The idea that we are on a journey to become a better version of ourselves is an illusion. We are already that.

  • You can't become anything other than what you already are, until you stop trying.

  • Awareness occurs at the moment before thoughts occur.

  • Trying to outrun thoughts - it is impossible!

  • We do not create our thoughts - our thoughts create us.

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