Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Random Sparks of Non-Duality (Part Two)

"Satsang" is a Sanskrit word meaning "fellowship in truth." Satsangs are meetings designed for people who believe that they have to go somewhere, to learn from someone how to get to something, that is already here. However, if you believe that you need to go to Satsangs in order to find yourself - you should go, because there is no better place for you. You should keep going to them until you come to realize that there is no one at the meetings.

The best teacher is one who doesn't know they're teaching.

If someone is telling you that you that they are enlightened - then they are deceiving both of you.

If you feel enlightened then it isn't you that's feeling it.

Buddha didn't become enlightened - He wasn't there when it happened.

If you can imagine a perfect world - you can live in it.

If you worry about losing your freedom - you will never have it.

If you want to be liberated - then you must stop thinking that you're not!!

When you are liberated it is because you stop thinking YOU ARE.

You will never make up your mind about the truth as long as your thoughts are busy making "you" up.

You won't be able to find yourself as long as you believe that it's you in the mirror.

Seeking liberation or enlightenment is like trying to bite your own teeth.

Awareness is always here - especially when you're not.

Neither the chicken, nor the egg came first - the concept of a chicken and an egg came first.

All of this is you playing hide n' seek with yourself.

Tomorrow never comes because now is never over.

I tried to stop thinking about something and nothing happened.

Awareness is what started when I stopped trying to be aware.

Consciousness expands when your mind gets out of its own way.

Awareness is what happens when your thoughts stop evaluating reality.

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