Friday, April 15, 2016

The Immediacy of Awakening

There is no path to awakening, enlightenment, or happiness. 

It is not a way of progression. 

Our happiness is not found at the end of the process – it is available now, within the process that appears to be happening through us – no matter what level we think we are on - we fail to see that there are no levels. 

Happiness and enlightenment is available right here and right now – if we just let go of our notions, expectations and concepts – these are not helpful. 

Waking up is not gradual when it comes to wholeness - wholeness does not exist in any other form than fullness. There is no such thing as partial wholeness. You can't creep up on it!!

All of our mental projections of happiness are momentary conditions, based on emotions.

We have fulfilled our mental expectations of happiness before haven’t we? 

Yet, time and time again we find ourselves coming up empty again, because conditional happiness is not permanent – it evaporates and dissolves at a whim.

The happiness we seek is in the liberation from seeking it.

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