Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Journey to Now

"Concerning prayer, the traditon teaches us that Christianity is not basically a theology or an ideology. It does not have its fullest life in the mind. It is, most truly, a personal and total openness to the person of Jesus. In that openness we are taken by Him to the Father. Christianity is the religion of transcendence which sees us transcending our own limited life and entering the limitless life of God."
- John Main - "Word Made Flesh"

This morning, reading the above passage from the writings of John Main, I was struck by the idea of Jesus "taking me to the Father," and I realized how strange our thinking is about reality - and what we tend to believe about spiritual transformation. As I thought deeply about this subject my mind recalled a memory of a childhood experience.

I have a very vivid recollection of being taken, as a child, to see *Father Christmas at Selfridges; they had the best Father Christmas of any of the department stores. I can remember that, although I already kind of knew the truth about Father Christmas, I thought the production of the experience was quite realistic. As I recall, the children were all lined up, by an "elf," to board a single coach "train" to the "North Pole." Once we were all abourd, the door to the train was closed and we set off. The carriage bounced a little as the scenery moved by - full of images of frozen landscape, reindeer, and elves waving.  In reality, what was actually happening was that the "train" was motionless while the "scenery" was scrolled against the outside of the open window. But, to the younger kids this was magic - I was a little older and "wiser," but I played along with the fun.

The reality behind the "train" that took the children to the Father was that there was no journey at all. The goal of the journey was outside a door at the opposite end of the train. We, in fact, were already in the presence of the Father (Christmas) - we only "imagined" that the presence required us to travel far.

This is the reality of the presence of the ultimate, absolute consciousness that is God. We follow a set of practices, or beliefs; join a religion or adopt a philosophical position. But the truth is there all the time - we never go anywhere or never need to go anywhere. The ONLY change of location is one of outlook. If we drop our learned or acquired viewpoint, based on our social condition or acceptance of historical tradition - we can see that the truth is not at the end of a path. It's here, now, right in our very being.

"......Truth cannot be through any path; it is a pathless land. You can't go through any system, any method, any form of meditation to reach it. There is really no reaching it - it is."  

- Jiddu Krishnamurti, "To Be Human," pg. 15

*Father Christmas is the British name for "Santa Claus."

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