Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Purpose of Not Knowing

If we say we are seeking God then we must ask ourselves how we expect to know when we have “found” God – for how can we seek for that which is unknown to us and recognize it?

We either know what God is like and therefore seek for that which we have “lost” somehow, or we seek for our version of God – in which case we seek a self-created, or imagined God that fits our preferences.

I have seen the futility of trying to know about God. For that which is outside of our understanding cannot be known by the human mind.

This is where I see the value of studying “teachers” or “non-teachers” like J. Krishnamurti and various Buddhist “Masters” of various schools, who speak about the practice of “Not Knowing.” Which is a way of letting go of “beliefs” as such, and adopting an open-hearted awareness of the eternally-present moment, where all things are unfolding.

It is not necessary to hold onto our beliefs as tightly as we do, in fear that they may be wrong – but to rather trust that we are here now, in this body for a reason that does not have to be known; neither does it have to have any reason for being other than that we are here, and should be FULLY present here. In that awareness of being fully present is all the “purpose” we need.

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