Monday, April 25, 2016

When the Seeking Stops

The early morning hours seem most conducive to the full awareness of silence. As one sits quietly in calm openness, the constantly chattering thought-stream that is our companion during wakefulness seems to pause momentarily and the consciousness is briefly separated from that which fulfills its space.

In these brief moments there is the full experience of pure knowing; of being in full choiceless awareness. There is no judging or interpreting the sounds, colors or impressions that fill the senses. It is the total absence of the small individual self and consciousness expands to include the entire reality of being.

This is such a gift. A gift that has no giver or recipient - just a sense of deep love without purpose or goal proceeding out of and into the open space of life in totality.

Words cannot explain this phenomenon. They can only point to the truth that is the reality.


Depending on one's frame of reference, the benefit, or curse of this "experience" is that once it is fully seen it changes everything. The value of holding tight to religious belief decreases dramatically as religion is seen as potentially confining intelligence; effectively "shutting down" the intuitive nature of thought that leads to open inquiry and dialogue.

When truth is seen by a clear mind, without interpretation or judgement it becomes obvious that traditional "religious" thinking will never bring lasting peace amongst all people, because with each community held set of beliefs comes a set of dividing concepts that prevent unity or agreement across boundaries of viewpoints. When religion is transcended by the understanding that truth does not require membership or classification, we are left with no solid doctrines to divide us from each other.

Where there are creeds there is implicit division. To hold tightly to something that divides humanity is to plant the seeds of disagreement and ultimate violence.


If God is one then humankind is one - not just in principal but in reality.  We are all one divine essence manifesting as individuals. This is seen clearly in the silence of open, choiceless awareness. If only we could drop our conditioned dualistic views of reality this would be obvious. But it cannot be grasped at or achieved through any effort on our side. It is only seen when seeking for it ceases.

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