Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Conscious Freedom

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This post is going to be written in a rather unformatted “stream of consciousness” format - because the thoughts are coming too fast for me to think about organizing and potentially losing them.

Suddenly, without any warning while meditating, I became very aware that I did not need to accept anyone else’s interpretation of the truth unless I choose to. I say this without arrogance because along with this awareness came the parallel idea that I already knew the truth about reality.

I have been a spiritual seeker all my life. Seeking to adopt someone else’s interpretation of reality because I wanted to avoid the responsibility for making decisions in my own life.

Since I started practicing Transcendental Meditation outside the boundaries of an institutional belief system I am perceiving the depth of consciousness that exists beyond that of my daily awake self. It is through this practice that I have become completely comfortable in knowing (not believing) that all is consciousness.


I no longer worry about what happens at death. Obviously I’m not comfortable with the idea of separation from this existence, but I’m not afraid of it anymore; as some kind of darkness, place of punishment, or place of reward. Death is just a return to the primordial sea of consciousness from which everything appears. I don’t just believe this - through my meditation experiences - I actually know this, in the same way that I know my name or history. It’s a real understanding about reality.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that I’ll adopt some weird Vedic name, or that I’ll start claiming to be enlightened and seek fame on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday.” No, this is just the way things are and everybody can know this for themselves.

Knowing how reality works does not make someone special - it is very ordinary.

There are no “descending masters,” or “ascending humans that become god-men,” all of that is just fantasy. There is just consciousness experiencing “itself” as expanding awareness.

No religion is necessary. Religion is always an interpretation of reality. A “boxed lunch” approach to life.

There is no God because God is not different than consciousness - nothing is outside consciousness. To be unconscious is to be conscious of unconsciousness. Consciousness is a continuum of experience. Some people have open awareness of the boundless nature of consciousness, others do not. This does not make any difference to their status on the level of being.

To be totally aware of the connectedness of all things within consciousness is not a gift - it is the actual reality of things. The gift is losing all of the things that hinder the experience; religion, philosophy, conditioned belief, prejudices, concepts, …. all of that must go.


Religion is not needed because anything that religion can teach is already known when you realize the underlying reality of Conscious Being. There is no need to be told to “love your neighbor as yourself” because you become aware that your neighbor IS yourself. There is no need to be told to “do no harm to others,” because you are aware that there are no others - there are only appearances of consciousness as other beings.

The idea that we are separate individuals that need to preserve ourselves is an illusion. We are all in this together - there are no higher beings, no Buddhas, no Avatars, they are merely appearances in time that reflect what we all are forever.

This is not a belief system that I have adopted - it is the end of belief. I have exchanged belief for experience. Meditation is the only “path” that eradicates the need for a “path” of any kind.

We are all here together. There is no division. We appear that way because it helps us navigate through this life and gain the experiences necessary for our growth in consciousness. We have a purpose but if we think it’s about us as individuals we have more to learn.

There is no evolution apart from the evolution of consciousness. All of this is so that we can “see" how it all works together. The narrower our perception of reality - the narrower our awareness of the nature of it.

To embrace a particular set of religious beliefs may give us a sense of security - but it must ultimately be transcended. For reality is beyond beliefs - our beliefs do not shape reality, they only shape us into an expression of our interpretation of reality.

This experience may fade - but it is not emotionally founded or conditional on something I’ve read. It’s this now - existing as it is.

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