Friday, July 8, 2016

Free From Sensitiveness

Today's reading from "The Science of Mind" is an affirming meditation that serves to work on the elimination of fear and sense of unworthiness that we might hold as reality, and replace it with joy and love.

From time to time we are at odds with the true nature of our mind. We stumble into the trap of believing that we are limited to our own estimations of our abilities - we confuse the flaws in our character with the nature of our soul - which is in perfect harmony with the boundless being of God and Divine Spirit.



My feelings cannot be hurt.

No one wishes to harm me, and there is nothing in me that can believe in any separation from the All Good.

I perceive that I am free from all people, and I cannot be harmed nor mistreated.

I have such a sense of unity with all that the circle is complete and perfect.

I love my friends and they love me, and that love is in, and of, God, and cannot be marred nor hindered.

I am filled with joy and love, forever.

I am filled with joy and love, forever.

I am filled with joy and love, forever.


To be filled is to have no room for anything else - no room for doubts, fears, hesitations, disappointments, and dis-ease of any kind.

I am not my feelings - but my feelings can be used by the indwelling Spirit to create change.

I am not my sickness - but my sickness can teach me about healing that I may give it to others.

I am not alone - but my solitude can be a boost to my prayer life.

Joy and love forever. The true nature of the divine in boundless joy and love. God is not the giver of joy and love - GOD IS LOVE. I only need to be open in heart and mind to perceive and receive it. All appearances in the physical world that are not in harmony with joy and love are false. They have no power unless I accept them as real; my belief in disharmony is the fuel of suffering. By re-focusing my beliefs and intentions in the direction of good I am able to change the very world. 

And so it is......

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