Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Substance of Faith

I have begun a systematic reading of Ernest Holmes' classic book "The Science of Mind."

Rev. Edward Viljoen
In the front of the new editions of the book is a one year guide compiled by a long time student of the material; Rev. Edward Viljoen, R. Sc. F., - the Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa, California.

Dr. Kenn Gordon
The principle behind the one year guide is that it provides a disciplined and focused path through the material. Indeed, in the introduction of the same edition, Dr. Kenn Gordon, Spiritual Leader at the Centers for Spiritual Living, recommends that the book be "digested, not devoured."

I began the guide on July 1st - being new to Religious Science and having only just discovered this wonderful philosophy, I want to start fresh and follow a guided path for transforming my mind, and entire being through these powerful teachings.

For July 1st & 2nd the topic is FAITH and PRAYER.

The definitive biblical view of faith is expressed in Hebrews 11:1. Where faith is identified as the manifested substance of hope. It is a very difficult concept to grasp.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
- Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)

Ernest Holmes gives the important clarification that faith does not confuse our approach to reality. He says that faith is the power of prayer. Prayer, he says, should be practiced with calmness but filled with feeling and emotion. He asserts that it is the feeling and emotion that ultimately CREATES reality.

Holmes has a wonderful expanded definition of faith:

"When you analyze faith you find that it is a mental attitude against which there is no longer any contradiction in mind that entertains it." - p. 283

Holmes puts practical action into the principle that Jesus taught:

"Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."
- Mark 11:24 (KJV)
Faith works when we hold a convicted mental attitude that believes that any contradiction to it is unacceptable.

"Faith is mental assertion elevated to the plane of realization." - p.283

The foundation of faith is that we acknowledge that there is only ONE MIND - the Mind of God. This oneness of mind enables humanity to express the thoughts and powers of God within our individualized selves.  This is a mind-blowing truth that explains so much; for example, the gift of ESP, the telepathic communication that has been observed in certain people and animals, and other psychic phenomena that is otherwise unexplainable in natural terms. 

Holmes teaches that the manifest universe that we see, touch and experience is the outward manifestation of the thought of Spirit. The power of creative thought is the cause of the creative world. And we, as individualized expressions of that Spirit, have that same power available to us.

The action of faith in prayer exercises an already present reality that we come to understand and appropriate for ourselves, or others if they too accept its reality.

In reality then we don't have to ask God for anything but for the realization of all that we already have through God's immutable law of complete good.

So, when I pray these days I do not pray in the mode of weakness - but rather as the child of a loving, infinitely compassionate Father who gives everything to his child without condition. Affirmative prayer is the mode of a true receiver with gratitude.

With faith in God's infinite goodness and trusting in the power of Spirit I receive gratefully and in return give graciously and generously.


This is the law of substance and supply.

AND SO IT IS.......................

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