Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Monkey Manifesto

A Proclamation For The Common Denomination of Humanity

We should strive to eliminate from our lives the habits and social conditioning that smother life in us, and cause us to drain or extinguish life in others.

Our expressed religion should be that which affirms the goodness in everything and everyone.

There should be no condemnation for anything that affirms, or is, part of the one life that is all of us.

The only things we are justified in hating are those things that block the fullness of life in each of us – and that sense of hatred should not engender violence, but rather foster a strong desire to find a way to transform those things, feelings, or beliefs; in our own emotional and physical environment first, then in others.

We must never have higher moral expectations of others for achieving levels that we ourselves are honestly unable to reach or maintain.

Our lives should be about adding weight to the solution and not to the drag of the problem.

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